Chiranal 2018

Abstract submission

Abstract submission deadline is December 20th, 2017.

Abstracts submitted later cannot be included in the Book of Abstracts.
Abstracts have to be submitted via Abstract submission.
Structured form of abstract is preferred. To prepare the abstract follow the form of downloadable template.
The abstract length is limited to 2 pages. Abstract can contain one figure (in .tiff format included in the abstract body) and/or one table (also included).
The abstracts included in Book of Abstracts have to be prepared in English.
Each participant will present only one oral or poster presentation.
Organizers reserve their right to change oral presentation to poster and vice versa.


Time scheduled for invited lectures is 40 minutes, for oral presentations is 20 minutes (including discussion).

Poster presentation

Maximal poster height: 180 cm and width: 95 cm should be used. Posters have to be mounted using equipment provided by the organizers. (Do not use pins to mount the posters!).

We would like to announce a competition for the best poster during the conference. The winner will be awarded a book voucher by Springer.

Manuscript submission

The official journal of the symposium is Chromatographia. Participants are therefore welcome to send their contribution to the focused paper collection (virtual issue). The contributions will be subjected to regular peer review process. A more detailed information will be given on request.

(c) Ondøej Kurka, 2017